One-stop Shop For Diverse Power Supply

February 22, 2019

You know by now that Cherryland has a diverse power supply portfolio, courtesy of our power supplier, Wolverine Power Cooperative. But did you know that we are contractually obligated to purchase ALL of our power from Wolverine? Listen in as we sit down with Eric Baker, President & CEO of Wolverine, to discuss this contract and what it means for members of Cherryland.

Renewables—Go Big Or Go Home

January 29, 2019

While big renewable energy goals are nice, how are we going to achieve them? Utilities are facing increasing pressure to incentivize local, distributed renewable energy (e.g. small, rooftop systems) that benefit the individual over utility-scale renewable energy systems that benefit the many. How are we going to reach our goals by going small? Listen in as we discuss why going big with renewables is better and the barriers we face trying to get there.

Electrifying The Auto Industry

December 11, 2018

From Tesla to Hyundai to Chevrolet, it seems more electric vehicles are sprouting up in the marketplace every day. But big questions still remain: When will there be an affordable all-wheel drive EV or all-electric pickup truck? Will the EV tax credit stick around? Is there a future where EVs dominate the roadway? Listen in as we sit down with Bill Marsh Jr., co-owner of the Bill Marsh Automotive Group, to discuss the "electrification" of the auto industry.


Election’s Over! What Now?

November 12, 2018

Rejoice, the midterm election is over! What happens now? Listen in as we sit down with Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations for the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the election results and what it means for Michigan going forward.

“That Would Never Happen To Me”

October 18, 2018

While employed with a natural gas pipeline company, Brad Livingston was involved in a potentially life-ending incident 27 years ago. Today, Brad travels the country recounting this day and discussing how the actions that led to his injuries have affected him and his loved ones every day since. Listen in as we talk with Brad and hear his story.

Learn more about Brad Livingston and his safety message at

Out With Fossil Fuels, In With Electricity

September 27, 2018

Should I heat my home with propane, gas, or electricity? If you want to reduce emissions and save on energy costs, go with the latter! Listen in as we discuss beneficial electrification and the ways choosing electricity over direct fossil fuel use is better for the end-user.

Craft Beer & Spirits Take Michigan By Storm

August 16, 2018

While we believe electricity is very important, craft beer and spirits are a very close second. Michigan’s craft beverage industry has taken the state by storm and doesn’t show signs of stopping. Listen in as we discuss the local craft beverage scene (and a little bit of energy) with special guests John Niedermaier of Brewery Terra Firma and Richard Anderson of Iron Fish Distillery.

Everything Energy With Jim MacInnes

July 20, 2018

EVs and clean energy and politics, oh my! Listen in as we sit down with Jim MacInnes, CEO of Crystal Mountain, and discuss everything energy; from reducing Crystal Mountain's carbon footprint to the future of automotive company, Tesla, to predictions in the Michigan governor's race.

Solar Today And Tomorrow

July 2, 2018

Where will solar be in 10 years? Is the future in small "rooftop" solar or large public-scale projects? In light of the recent changes to Cherryland's member-solar programs, listen in as we discuss current trends and the future of solar generation with Sam Hogg, Director of Business Origination at Wolverine Power Cooperative.

Next Generation Workforce

May 30, 2018

Our cooperative, like many other companies, is facing a significant generational shift in staffing. Baby Boomers are retiring and Generation Xers and Millennials are replacing them. Listen in as we discuss this shift and what areas we need to consider adjusting to attract and retain good employees.

Featuring: Kerry Kalbfleisch, Director of Human Resources, Jeff Puffer, Power Quality Technician, and Nicole Vanover, Member Information Representative